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How to grow your freelance writing business:

Another ideal book by Regina Anaejionu. This book is truly epic. It stands by its name. Please, take your time to digest the contents of this book because you are going to learn a lot. This is a workbook where the writer tells all you need to know in terms of organizing the different tasks associated with writing. It helps you get your tasks on a plan, such as, 12 worksheets for your content planning, as well as a small business plan.

Now you can see why this book is Epic!

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We all know that creativity is one of the best qualities every writer needs to possess to be a better writer. But you also agree that everyone wasn't born a creative person, which means being creative is something many of us must learn. This book written by Tom Kelley and David Kelley will help you discern the principles of being creative, as well as the Strategies associated with it.

There are a variety of freelance writing niches that can make you a household name.

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Copywriting for instance, is a lucrative writing niche that is in high demand. This book by Steve Slaunwhite will help you learn all you need to know about the craft of copywriting, which includes but not limited to: Direct Mails, Brochures, Ads, E-mail Marketing, News Letters and more. This edition of secrets of a freelance writer, will show you all there is to become a successful freelance copywriter. Everybody in the blogging industry certainly know professional bloggers Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett. These 2 professionals brought their expertise together and produce an epic book on blogging and making money blogging.

This book presents you with the secret techniques of blogging that will help you generate substantial Income from blogging, anything from figures. It is definitely a must read for all writers. The author, Ryan Biddulph of Blogging from Paradise shows you how to write better and sell more books and inspire more readers with his secret techniques.

You will discover practical steps he's been using over the years to fine his writing voice and become a successful writer.

You Really Can Make a Living as a Writer. Here's What You Need to Know.

As an Amazon best seller, with many years of writing experience, Ryan's book will guide you to writing success. As a freelance writer and blogger, you definitely needs to be on various socal media platforms and be active by spreading words about your writing. In this book, Guy and Peg shows you exactly all you must know to get words about your writing out there. The book will show you the best way to setup your social media accounts, how best to post from your blog to reach a massive audience, etc.

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Social media plays an essential part in all aspects of businesses, including freelance writing and blogging. However, you agree that there's a lot of books that deals on how to have a presence on various socal media sites. And sometimes it can be overwhelming to pinpoint which of these books is best for you.

  1. Elementary Rudiments of Music?
  2. The Go-Getter Guide to Growing Your Freelance Writing Business (With Advice From 50+ Experts).
  3. Christianity and Contemporary Politics: The Conditions and Possibilites of Faithful Witness!
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  5. Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer : How to Win Top Writing Assignments -;
  6. Projective geometry.
  7. It is an ultimate guide book that will teach you how to have a remarkable presence on different social media sites and grow your writing business. It shows you how to engage with your readers and customers, how to establish your brand, and etc. These 18 books are not all there is to the best books for freelance writers and bloggers.

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    There are many more available that will help you become a better writer and earn incredible income. However, the once listed here are the once that have really help me a lot in terms of motivation, writers block, Inspiration, etc. Which ones did I miss that have impacted you the most? Your comments are most welcome. Please, help others fine and read this post by clicking the heart-shaped button. If you love writing, you probably love reading too. Sign in. Get started. Moss Clement Follow. For Starters.

    18 Record-Breaking Books Every Freelance Writer and Blogger Must Read.

    For Content Creation. For Inspiration, Motivation, and Staying Organized. For Creativity. For Social Media. The Writing Cooperative A writing community and publication focused on helping each other write better.


    The Writing Cooperative Follow. After months of cold emailing and perfecting your portfolio website, you finally had enough clients to quit your day job and start freelancing full-time. At last you had the freedom to do what you loved, to set your own schedule, and to work from home. Only ….

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    The article is due tomorrow, and your anxiety grows with each passing minute. The hurdle is productivity or lack thereof. Most days are a struggle to get all your work done.

    32 Highest Paying Websites For Writers - 2019

    You get up too late, become …. Monday morning again. Time to face another week of sitting glassy-eyed in front of an office computer. You never thought it would come to this. How did you end up working a soul-crushing office job? You wonder if spending all that money on a college education was worth it. This job uses none of your …. By signing up for this guide, you will also be added to my mailing list.